On behalf of all the school stake holders I wish to welcome you to our website and thank, Elimu holdings limited for facilitating its launching. The website will allow the interested candidates a lot b of insight about the school which is doing well in all aspects of education. We wish to embrace any comments either positive or negative to improve the website.

Kamuiru primary school is a fast growing and performing school due to the unity and performance of the staff, B.O.M and P.T.A members. The good performance of the school in all classes makes it exceptional. it is with hope and expectation that this performance  will be maintained for many years to come .

We thank the alumni of the school led by the chair Eliud Mugo who have been very supportive particularly on the school standards. We welcome those who are not aboard.

 We also thank the donors of the school and the A.C.K sponsors of the school for providing spiritual guidance to the pupils

Welcome our official school website

The school has an active scouts club, health club and an elected pupil’s government headed by the president Macharia. The special unit has a population of a pupils who among other projects take part in rabbit rearing and bead ornaments making.


MOTTO; Discipline,Hardwork and Honesty

MISSION; Quality education for life


Kamuiru primary is very committed in ensuring that the back bone of our nation is held in position.

Consequently, it has invested in Agribusiness …

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