Calendar of events


The calendar of events for the year is term one at least two exams mid-term and term so as to have ample time to cover the syllabus. Unit ball games locational, zonal, sub-county take part. Class meeting are also held  termly so as to walk along with the parents

Term 2.At least three exams for every exam term . Music at locational, sub-county and county music take place  athletics are also not left out in this term.

Term 3. Being a very short and national exams term a lot of time is dedicated to revision .

Every term we hold guidance and counselling  sessions for all classes

We hold regular staff meetings for consultation and analyze all exam results with pupils  teacher meet their individual class pupil and this moment is called academic afternoon(AA


Kamuiru primary is very committed in ensuring that the back bone of our nation is held in position.

Consequently, it has invested in Agribusiness …

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The school has an active scouts club, health club and an elected pupil’s government headed by the …

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